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Spirit of Light - Universe

Galactic Glow Meditation Crystal Resin Pyramid

Galactic Glow Meditation Crystal Resin Pyramid

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🌟 Galactic Glow Meditation Crystal Resin Pyramid: Unlock the Keys of the Universe with SOL-U 🌟

Embrace the universal truth that everything, including your very being, resonates at a specific frequency. Within our SOL-U one-of-a-kind Galactic Glow Meditation Crystal Resin Pyramid, each crystal emits its unique vibration, intricately tied to its color and inherent properties.

As affirmed by Nikola Tesla, crystals embody a living essence, pulsating with life force. The pyramid's geometry is revered for its innate energy-generating capabilities, synergizing seamlessly with natural crystals and minerals.

Together, they harmonize and transmute lower energies, ushering in a realm of elevated and purer vibrations within any space.

🌟 Crystals/Minerals and Their Metaphysical Benefits: 🌟

  • (Pink, Blue, Purple) Aura Quartz: Helps to Heal the Aura, Can Aid in Calming & Soothing the Emotions, Cain Aid in Releasing Negativity from your Life, Can Help Heal Old Emotional Wounds, Improves Feelings of Self Worth

  • Opalite: Improves Feelings of Self Esteem and Self Worth, Aids in Spiritual Communication, Brings Calm and Balance, Has a Nurturing, Gently Positive Energy, Improves Communication of All Kinds

  • Ethiopian Opal: Provides Emotional & Mental Balance, Helps Communication with other Realms, Aids in Connecting with Spirits & Animal Guides, Boosts Spiritual Development, Brings Stability

  • Amethyst: Knows as the Natural Tranquilizer and Sobriety Stone, Stimulates Creativity, Helps battle Addiction, Excellent for Meditation and Spirituality, Enhances Psychic Abilities, Reduces Nightmares at Night and Anxiety during the Day, Facilitates Decision Process

  • Black Obsidian: Provides Insight & Protection from Negative Influences, Combats Self Defeating Patterns, Emphasize Male Qualities, Helps You Integrate Spirituality Into Everyday Life, Strongly Spiritually Grounding

  • Shungite: EMF Blocker, Strong Protection Crystal, Helps Remove Negative Energies & Restore Emotional Balance, Balances All Chakras & The Aura, Raises your Vibration

  • Aquamarine: Encourages Tolerance and Responsibility, Boosts Courage and Heightens Intuition, Helps Let Go of Emotional Issues, Achieve Closure, Purifies the Body, Excellent for Meditation, Aids Communication, Good for Sensitive People

🔮 Key Features: 🔮

🌈 Crystal Vibrations: Each crystal within the pyramid emits its unique vibration, enhancing psychic ability, cleansing the aura, and promoting emotional stability.

🛡️ EMF Protection: Experience a shield of protection against electromagnetic radiation, allowing you to create a pure and balanced environment in your home or workspace.

🧘 Meditative Harmony: Harness the energy-generating properties of the pyramid shape and natural crystals to deepen your meditation practice and elevate your spiritual connection.

🌀Chakra Alignment: Unlock the secrets of the energetic body as our pyramid gently realigns the seven chakras, from the grounding Root to the transcendent Crown. Whether you're seeking stability, creativity, or spiritual enlightenment, this sacred tool serves as a catalyst for profound energetic transformation.

🌟 About this Spirit of Light - Universe Crystal Resin Pyramid: 🌟

Glow in the Dark: Experience the enchanting glow-in-the-dark feature of the pyramid, adding a mystical aura to your meditation space and enhancing your spiritual ambiance. 

✨Artisan Craftsmanship: Meticulously designed & handmade by the SOL-U owners in their garage at their family home in Elk Grove Village, IL. Each piece is lovingly crafted by Kerry & Lily with deep intention of healing and transformation, ensuring a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that resonates with your soul.

✨  Every facet of this pyramid reflects dedication to quality and beauty from their small-business-sourced crystals and minerals to its flawless construction to the radiant energy it emanates, each detail is a testament to our commitment to high quality uniqueness in all our handcrafted meditation tools.

✨ Positive Environment: Create a space of positivity and well-being by placing the pyramid in your living room, bedroom, office, or classroom, and experience a shift in energy and focus.

✨ Energetic Protection: Safeguard yourself from negative energies and electromagnetic fields or EMFs, promoting mental clarity, emotional stability, and physical vitality.

Uncover the keys to healing and self-discovery with our one-of-a-kind Galactic Glow Meditation Crystal Resin Pyramid. Elevate your vibrations, connect with the universe, and experience the magic of SOL-U.

🌟 Unlock the Universe's Secrets Today! 🌟

Note: These crystals/minerals are not substitutes for professional medical help. Handle with care and keep away from extreme temperatures, water, and children. Due to the handmade nature, each pyramid may vary slightly in appearance, adding to its unique charm. 


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